Yarn Care & Info

Intentionally dyed, slowly layered, small batch yarns.

Yarn Care
Although superwash yarns can be laundered in washing machines, we highly recommend hand washing in cool water with a mild wool wash and laying flat to dry.

Hand-Dyed Yarn
Due to the nature of hand-dyed yarn, there will be some slight color variations between skeins. We dye in small batches using the same recipes every time yet each skein is a touch unique on its own. By purchasing multiple skeins and alternating them within your project, you will best remove the potential for possible pooling of any colors.

We have taken great care to represent the yarn's true colors by photographing them on neutral backgrounds to project their full spectrum of color depth. However, all computer monitors have subtle color changes and may vary. Please Note: Product photos are a representation of the colorway. There may be slight variations on different bases and weights.

Dye Process
We only use non-toxic, acid dyes with food grade citric acid (which is naturally found in food and water and is biodegradable) as the setting agent. After the dyes have been fully exhausted, the yarn is rinsed with a mild wool wash and hung to dry.

Yarn Source
All HoALM yarn is ethically sourced from museling-free farms, both large and small, in South America. Our supplier is based in the US.

Yarn Weights
See Yarn Bases for all information about our available weights.